BMS Decanter centrifuge

BMS – Separation Centrifuge BMS Decanter centrifugetechnology for the Oil&Gas Industry and municipal waste water treatment.

Mobile BMS-Decanter Plant for Plug-And-Run Installation

Full Mobilization with all Items and Utilization to run a full-scale Separation Process located in 40-feet Container or Skid-mounted-Rigg

BMS - Applications in Separation Technology

Foods and beverages

  • olive oil production
  • juice production
  • distillation residues
  • vegetable treatment
  • meat industry

Oil, gas and regenerative energies

  • oil sludge treatment/oil production
  • drilling fluids
  • biodiesel production
  • digestates from biological waste fermentation
  • bio ethanol

Chemical and process industry, pharmaceutical industry

  • catalysts
  • pigments
  • production and treatment of cellulose
  • coal and steel industry
  • paper industry
  • fertilizer production
  • antibiotics production

Environmental technology and waste water treatment

  • municipal and industrial sewage sludge
  • sludge from water works
  • leakage water sludge from dump sites
  • sludge removal from water
  • waste from livestock husbandry

Mining and tunnel construction, mineral raw materials

  • tunnel drilling fluids
  • sand, gravel and ballast mills
  • calcium carbonate
  • caolin

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