Linatex screen media

Built to deliver outstanding wear performance in the most demanding applications, Linatex® screen media has rightly won a reputation for reliability and long wear life. Linatex® screen media are compatible with a wide range of processing plants, and are fitted as standard equipment on many leading systems across the globe.

Rubber & Polyurethane Screens

High performance polymers and uncompromising quality

Linatex® is acknowledged around the world as the leading brand of premium natural rubber for abrasion, impact, and corrosion resistance. From formulation to final processing, our polyurethane and rubber materials are designed to deliver high performance specific to unique applications.

Materials and sizes

Linatex® modular screen systems are available in rubber, urethane and wire cloth. Many combinations of tapered openings and panel sizes are available, any of which can be combined on the same deck to meet the exact needs of your application. Weir Minerals Linatex also offers modular panels in the type, size and fastening style to fit most competitor’s systems.

Linatex® ARMOR® screen

Linatex® ARMOR® screen is a combination of high grade wire cloth with a molded coating of premium polyurethane. This combination of technologies creates screens that have much higher open area than conventional polyurethane screens and much longer wear life than wire screens.

The Linatex® ARMOR® screen covering is not just a coating, it’s molded to give the production advantages of relief tapered openings. This increases throughput and reduces plugging. Combined with a high grade woven wire back-bone, it creates a strong highly wear resistant screen.

Linatex screen media

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