Linatex screens

With screens ranging from light duty sizing and dewatering through to heavy duty banana screens, Linatex® vibrating screens can accommodate most minerals processing applications.

Linatex® Banana ScreensLinatex screens

The Linatex® banana or multi-slope screen is capable of achieving exceptional throughput per screening area. The screen is a high capacity, low bed depth, high velocity machine and may include any number of deck slopes from two to as many as six, varying from 45ŗ through to horizontal on the last slope. The various slopes may also incorporate deck media with different apertures to meet the particular process requirements. The screens are commonly designed to fit modular polyurethane deck panels. However, woven wire or punched plates may also be used, depending on requirements.

Linatex® banana screens are also available in a double deck arrangement which reduces the number of equivalent horizontal single deck units installed. Linatex® banana screens vary in size from as small as 1.8m (5’7/8”) wide to over 3.7m (14’1/ 8”) wide and are able to handle screen feeds with a higher proportion of fine materials than other screen designs.


  • Excellent sizing efficiency due to rapid stratification of material
  • High specific capacity per unit area resulting in reduced screen (unit) size

Linatex® Dewatering ScreensLinatex screens

Linatex® dewatering screens have been operating successfully in a range of industries worldwide for more than 40 years.

Design Features

Vibration on Linatex® dewatering screens is produced by vibrating motors which can be run at different speeds depending on the application. Alternatively geared exciters with an external drive motor can be fitted to the larger screens. Easy adjustment of the amplitude of vibration, deck inclination, as well as the discharge weir plate is a feature incorporated to suit the process requirements.

A high solids recovery is achieved when the screen underflow is kept in closed circuit with a hydrocyclone and the only solid losses occurring would be the very fine material exiting in the cyclone overflow.

Horizontal ScreensLinatex screens

Having been manufactured since the 1970s, Linatex® horizontal screens have met with tremendous success in the highly demanding and competitive mining industries throughout the world.

The large screen concept has been able to meet the needs of modern high capacity production plants by reducing the number of machines installed or production modules required. The introduction of our screens leads to improved plant availability, space savings, energy savings and greatly improved materials handling.


  • Low maintenance
  • Proven reliability
  • Robust construction for improved product life
  • Stress concentrations eliminated by the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

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