Wemco sewer pump

1. Low NPSH:

The screw portion of the WEMCO® Screw Centrifugal impeller performs as an inducer, pulling liquid into the impeller, resulting in low NPSH requirements.

2. Solids Handling:

The single vane impeller of the WEMCO® Screw Centrifugal pump creates a single channel flow, allowing for larger solids passage. The large solids passage provides better solids handling capabilities than any other pump type. The steep head-capacity curve provides ample reserve pressure to clear temporary clogs.

3. Sludge Handling | Positive Suction:

The combination of a low NPSH requirement and large solids channels provides a powerful pump for handling thick sludges. The steep head-capacity curve of the WEMCO® Screw Centrifugal pump also allows for pumping of varying sludge consistencies without the need to change speed. An additional benefit is the reserved head for clearing temporary line blockages.

4. Adjustable Liner

Consistent impeller to liner clearance is imperative to the performance of the pump. As the pump components wear, clearance between the impeller and liner can be adjusted to ensure optimal performance.


Model C® Torque-Flow Pumps

The Toughest Grit-Handling Pump for Municipal Applications

Silica sand is the most common grit particle any pump must handle. It is also one of the hardest (570 Bhn), most abrasive minerals on earth. To resist this abradant, pump wear parts must be of greater hardness than silica sand. (see charts)

With this in mind, Weir Specialty Pumps constructs the WEMCO Model C wet-end parts from Ni-Hard or Hi-Chrome – two of the industry’s toughest, most abrasion-resistant alloys. Standard hardness ranges from 650+ Bhn.

Wemco sewer pump

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